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Our Story

Well, hello there, dear customer! At RAPLOR Construction, we're not just any construction company. No, sir, we're a local, woman-owned business that's all about those good old Minnesota values - hot dish, lakes, and the occasional "uffda" included!

Our company was born three years ago when a group of great friends decided to join forces and take on the exciting world of exterior restoration. And let me tell you, we've been rocking it ever since! Each project we take on is customized to fit the unique needs of our clients. And don't worry; we're fully certified and insured and have some of the best-trained journeymen in the entire state of Minnesota.

But wait, there's more! To ensure your project goes off without a hitch, we've got some serious planning, communication, and processes in place. You'll have direct access to our owners and management team throughout the entire construction process. So if you need someone to complain to about the weather or want to chat about the latest "Fargo" episode, we've got you covered!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started on your dream project today!

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