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Extend the life of your commercial roof and safeguard your properties value.


Annual Commercial
Maintenance Program

Twice a year, RAPLOR will inspect your roof, clear away debris, and provide a comprehensive report. In the spring, this will be done to ensure your roof is in good condition after extreme temperatures, and in the fall, it will be done to check that your roof is in good condition after storm season. Furthermore, RAPLOR will ensure that all tasks necessary to maintain your warranty are completed. Additionally, we will provide a three-year capital budget for your roof annually, so you can plan ahead.


Storm Inspection Program

Once you join our program, we will keep track of any storm activity that could potentially harm your building’s roof in real time. As soon as a damaging storm takes place, our software will notify us your home or business was impacted.  We will notify you within 24 hours and send our team to inspect the property at no additional cost.

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Thermal Drone Technology

We are committed to providing the most up-to-date drone thermal technology and precise on-site documentation. Our inspection profile is created and shared with our team of experts, allowing both our on-site contractors and off-site advisors to collaborate in order to guarantee that nothing is overlooked.  Thermal drone inspections can be useful for identifying areas of inadequate insulation or damage to the roofing materials. By identifying these issues early on, it is possible to address them before they become major problems, potentially saving you a significant amount of money in repair costs.

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